2014 – My Cycling Year

2014 – My Cycling Year

Well 2014 has been a great cycling year for me, I had a few goals, completed some of them, watched two stages of the Tour de France, one stage of the Tour of Britain and upgraded my bike.

My goals were

  • Cycle 500 miles in a month (only managed 347)
  • Complete the Coast to Coast cycle route (done)
  • Cycle over 2,000 miles in 2014 (only managed 1,135.5 – big fail)
  • Go faster than 50mph (didn’t better 45mph)
  • Complete a ride over 100 miles (Did 102 miles in a oner)
  • Lose some weight cycling (I lost some, but I think I’ve put it back on!)

So I kinda did 3 out of 6.  Not too bad.  I think my biggest effort was the Coast to Coast ride that I did with a couple of mates.  The second day was brutal – easily the hardest thing I have ever done physically.  At times I just wanted to give up but we had no support car so I had to plough on.

Route map and blog for Coast to Coast ride

Cycling 100 miles was a big effort too.  It was a pretty flat course but the lack of feeding stops cost me towards the end of the ride with me badly cramping at 90 miles and struggling over the line.

Selby 3 Swans Sportive 100 mile route blog

The Tour de France coming to Yorkshire was massive.  I had the pleasure of watching Le Tour in France in 2013 but that didn’t compare to watching the biggest sporting event in the world on roads that I ride.  I blogged quite a bit about it (Grand Tour blogs link here).

Starve are doing a cool video thing for your 2014 cycling, here is mine:

Oh, an unexpected bonus was getting the Mrs out on a bike!  We had a few lovely rides and even did the York Skyride together.  Hopefully we’ll be cycling more in 2015.

So for 2015…

I have bought a turbo trainer so that is my first goal in the new year – get using it!  I want to start the summer riding considerably fitter than I did last year so I can try and get the longer rides in and bust 500 miles in a month.  I would also really like to get 2,015 miles in 2015 so the purchase of thermal bib shorts and a good set of lights will help me there.  As soon as this ice goes I plan on getting out on the road.  Apart from that maybe another trip to France is in order to watch Le Tour and there is talk of a cycling holiday in Majorca but we’ll see.

So, my new 2015 cycling goals:

  • Cycle 500 miles in a month
  • Cycle 2,015 miles in a year
  • Beat my 45mph record and try to break 50mph!
  • Lose 2 stone cycling in 2015

Fingers crossed I can accomplish all four this time.

Tete de la course!!!



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