Please, please, please Newcastle fans…

…give us a break.

I have lots of mates who are Newcastle fans so my Twitter timeline often has comments about Newcastle United when they are playing but over the last few months this happens:

Newcastle concede or lose: Pardew Out, Pardew is rubbish, Pardew is a cock etc

Newcastle score or win: Silence, well done the team not manager, we won despite Pardew

I’m not having a go here but Newcastle are a mid-table team and as I write they are mid-table.  They aren’t gonna win the league, they aren’t going to get relegated.  They might put a cup run together, they might challenge for a Europa Cup spot.

It’s not Pardew’s fault, it’s just that’s where Newcastle fit in the league.  They aren’t a big spending Man City or Chelsea, they are a steady club with great facilities and a tremendous fan base.  They do not have a divine right to be doing any better than they are doing now.

Geordies, you have stability.  You are higher in the table than Sunderland.  As I write you are winning.  Please give poor old Alan a break!!


Oh, and I wish my team Boro were doing as well as you.  We are winning but we still aren’t doing as well as you.  We would like to be back in the Premier League.

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