Thursday Night Thoughts – 11/9/14

Let us never forget


Weird thinking about that fateful day all those years ago when I heard a plane crashed into the World Trade Centre.  Horrible.  Remember feeling really vulnerable despite it happening many miles away.

Faux Pistorius Outrage

I get really sick of the faux outrages that certain events create.  Today’s outrage on Twitter was that Oscar Pistorius was found not guilty of murder.  I have a limited legal knowledge but I watch the news and I have watched quite a bit relating to this case and it was apparent from day one that he wasn’t going to get done for murder.  If he had planned to kill Reeva Steenkamp would he have taken pot shots at her through the bathroom door?  Probably not.

Another annoying thing is everyone thinks now he’s got away with it – err no, he could still go to jail for 15 years for the South African equivalent of manslaughter.  Hardly getting away with it for a rich white guy used to having everything his own way.  Hey Twitter, maybe wait until he is sentenced before spouting off that he has got away with murder.

Scottish Independence 

Oh my days.  I am totally sick of the 24/7 media coverage of this in England.  It doesn’t matter if we in England are YES or NO so I don’t know why we are subjected to constant pro no campaign propaganda.  Ultimately, if Scotland says yes and go off on their own the only people with the immediate threat of suffering is the Scottish and the Labour Party.

I’m not really fussed either way but if the Scots want it, go for it and good luck.  I hope it works out and that the dodgy bugger Alex Salmond hasn’t been lying to you all for his own benefit.


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