Selby Three Swans Sportive – 100 Mile Route


One of my 2014 cycling goals was to cycle over 100 miles in one ride and this sportive was earmarked after I dod the 60 mile route at the same event last year.  Still up to this point my longest ride had only been 62 miles so I was quite nervous that my body could cope with an extra 40 miles.

A 8am event start meant a 6am alarm in the morning to get from York to Selby and to get registered in time for the event.  I met up with the lads and we set off at quite a high pace early doors, averaging about 18-19mph for the first 20 or so miles – this pace would eventually get the better of me!


It started to warm up after the first feed stop and I lost contact with our group, catching Tim up towards the second feed zone. After filling up the bottles we set back off but the final 35 miles would be torture.  Cycling into a headwind my knee pain from the previous week returned which made the going even harder.  At 90 miles I had to stop with agonising cramp which continued for the last 10 miles into Selby.  After what seemed like a lifetime cycling on my own I pulled into Selby having completed 102 miles.  I felt happy but more so I felt relieved – I won’t be choosing another 100+ sportive in the next few months, that’s for sure!!

Looks like I’m doing the 79 mile Wiggle Yorkshire Tour Sportive at the end of the month – that will be quite hilly so I imagine it will be just as hard as the Selby one but we’ll see.  Fingers crossed I’ll get round!!


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