Thursday Night Thoughts – 28/8/14

Lots of subjects this week so I’ll keep it brief.  Let’s crack on…


Scottish Independence

I’m getting a little bored of hearing about this non stop when we (the English) have no control over it.  One thing that I would find interesting is a poll of English people’s opinion whether Scotland should vote yes or no.  I would imagine it would be pretty close.  Scotland, cast your votes and I hope you get the future that you all want.

Cyclist Deaths

Every week we are hearing about a court case when yet another driver who has killed a cyclist walks free or get’s a minimal jail term.  If you kill someone it shouldn’t be ‘Dangerous Driving’ or ‘Careless Driving’ it should be manslaughter.  Families are losing fathers, mothers, sons, daughters etc yet the perpetrators get pathetic sentences.  It is not on.

Football ‘Systems’

This is all you hear on the TV or radio nowadays.  This manager will play this system, that manager will play that system, this player doesn’t fit in this system… Who really cares???

Rotherham Child Abuse

It shouldn’t matter what race the child abusers are, if you are in a job where it is your duty to protect children and you don’t you are just as guilty as the abuser.  All the staff involved should be disciplined or fired.  It is disgusting that people turn a blind eye to such abhorrent abuse.

Jean Alterations

Took some jeans to get turned up, rolled one leg up and asked them to make them both the same length.  They wouldn’t as each leg is a different length.  What a load of bollocks, they should just do it if asked!!!  You don’t buy them in the shops with each leg a different length!!  Now my alterations are going to take longer as I have to pin each leg or the jeans.


I drive this road six times a week and it is the home of the most impatient drivers in the country.  I have never seen so many cars overtake on blind corners and hill crests.  Someone will die very soon on that road I am sure.  On a Thursday night there is a motorbike club meet at a cafe on the road – you get 100’s of bikers flocking to this meeting.  Every Thursday I see idiotic driving from these motorcyclists – I am surprised there haven’t been any serious accidents recently.  Oh, there is never any police out to stop this behaviour.


There, short but sweet.  Same time next week!

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