Thursday Night Thoughts – 21/8/14

This weeks rants…


Train Fare Rises

Train fares are just a joke.  The pricing is all over the place and the public are getting ripped off.  What really angered me was Claire Perry MP appearing on Radio 5 Live on Tuesday to justify the increases – talk about out of touch.  With MP’s like this in Parliament no wonder the average person in the street is getting shafted.

I don’t use trains if possible.  It usually is cheaper to drive and I don’t like waiting for trains.  I do occasionally the York to Northallerton service, it’s 10p cheaper to get a single than it is to get a return.  How does that work?  It costs 10p one way and £11.50 the other?  Total joke, especially when I usually am buying a single fare.

Jobseekers To Self Employed

This is a massive con that the government are using to reduce the amount of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance.  At work I see lots of people signing off JSA to go self employed and then making losses.  What is the point when they could get £72.40 a week to swap that for a business that actually costs you money to run it?  There is none.  Tax Credits picks up the burden, the claimant gets a grant for a few weeks for going self employed and the JSA claimant figures drop.  It probably costs the country more with all the extra work calculating the new benefits but that’s ok, it makes the figures look good.


Is it me or does more people think that people who are radicalised into extreme religious organisations must be a little bit ‘vulnerable’ to start with?  Maybe the problem isn’t that extremists are radicalising people due to foreign policy, it’s they are radicalising the vulnerable.  All religion in my opinion is a kind of radicalisation, after all it is all a bit weird believing in a god.  No proof, just a belief…  Hmmm

Ice Bucket Challenge

This celebrity craze is making amazing amounts for charity and is only a good thing but I’ll be honest, I’m a bit bored of it.  Every time I look on twitter it’s the same videos of the same people being re-tweeted over and over again.  I must just be getting old and miserable.  But it’s an amazing cause so I’ll just shut up about it now and donate myself!!


Moans done, roll on tomorrow night when I’ll be sat at home with the thought of 3 days off and hopefully nothing to moan about!


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