Thursday Night Thoughts – 14/8/14

So it’s been a busy week in the world of news, well it was in the news but quite a lot of it wasn’t actually worthy of the title ‘news’.  Anyway, I digress.  Let’s see what’s been going on…


Wayne Bloody Rooney

How on earth did Wayne Rooney getting the Manchester United captaincy get so much media time is beyond me.  This is how bad things are with UK sport – Wayne Rooney and Manchester United hog the headlines for a pretty meaningless position within a football team.  Next he will be England captain I suppose, which is a joke as he’s not good enough to warrant an automatic starting place… Anyway, that may be for another blog.

The Suicide Of Robin Williams

Extremely sad news that Robin Williams took his own life earlier this week.  As usual the British press had a field day spreading the details all over their front pages despite pleas from mental health charities not to do so.  What do the press care?  They are only there to sell papers not think of their readers.

It today was announced by Robin’s widowed wife that he had recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons.  With his battle with demons, his depression and that news it must have been unbearable for the man.  He was a good guy and will be missed.

Louis Suarez

Here we go again, the debates on the radio about the punishment of Suarez.  Who really cares?  He bit a lad, he didn’t break his leg.  Four months is a bit extreme.

Cliff Richard

Deary me.  Another high profile celebrity is being investigated for child sex crimes.  Will this ever end?  Guilty or not I do have a problem that suspects are being identified by the press.  If any charges are brought then yes, announce their names, but currently Cliff has been branded a sex offender and he hasn’t even been charged.  Of course if he is charged and found guilty then throw the book at him.


Well that’ll do for this week.  Same time next week? 🙂

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