The Tour De France In Yorkshire – Blog #2

5th April 2014, Stage 1

So after much deliberation me and a few mates decided to watch stage 1 from Aysgarth and then Leyburn.  Setting off at 10am we made our way over.  We were all very excited…


We were pretty lucky to stumble across  a closed road that didn’t have too many people spectating so we got a brew and a sandwich and waited for about an hour in the sun for the riders to turn up.


Soon enough it was time for the riders to arrive.  Here is YouTube clip of the peloton:

Jens Voigt:


The peloton:

IMG_0011_2Mark Cavendish:

IMG_0012_2Tony Martin:


Chris Frome:


We then headed out on closed roads to Leyburn where we caught a second glimpse of the riders before heading back to Bedale to watch the finish on a big screen TV in a park.

Overall a brilliant day with great friends and an even bigger bonus was the tan lines were topped up – they are razor sharp now, ready for my Coast to Coast training that is coming up over the next few weeks.


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