RANTS – Boring Suarez, Boring Wimbledon, Boring Phone Hacking

Luis Suarez

Can’t beat a good old bit of controversy. Suarez is good for the English game. He’s took heat of the England team by sparking the domestic ban row and we all love getting outraged don’t we? You would have thought he has ripped the head off a small kitten on national TV the way some people are going on. Here’s food for thought, he’s obviously got issues, maybe FIFA should try helping him rather than banning him for life as some would suggest.


For the next few weeks EVERYONE in the country is a tennis expert. The joke call “Come on Tim” turns mildly amusing again, strawberry sales go through the roof and everyone thinks that it’s cool to boo players if they face a British opponent. I hate Wimbledon.

Phone Hacking

This has been going on for so long now does anyone really care? Obviously hacking a deceased child’s mobile is totally disgusting but I’m not sure many people will even remember that the way the media is spinning this. I also think that there won’t be too many folk bothered that David Cameron employed Andy Coulson either. Hardly a vote loser that. Anyway strangely, more people are concerned with Luis Suarez taking a nibble out of some random footballer’s shoulder (who was quite the drama queen himself about it).

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