Newcastle United – It’s Not That Bad FFS!!


I’m really getting tired listening to North East football journalists and Newcastle United fans moan on about how the club is struggling, how Mike Ashley is a knob and how Alan Pardew needs sacking.

Newcastle have recently been relegated and have done pretty well all things considered since gaining promotion back to the Premier League.  They are financially stable, never really been in risk of relegation and even had a season back in the Europe League.  Since the 2008-09 relegation season they have finished 1st in The Championship and 12th, 5th & 16th in the Premier League.  Sides often struggle in the league when getting far in the Europa and this season they are currently sitting in 9th.

Now I totally understand that the fans would like to be challenging for honours but modern football isn’t like this anymore.  Success is seen as getting into the Champions League i.e. finishing 4th.  Remaining in the Premier League is also seen as a success.

Looking at the teams above Newcastle this season it’s apparent that they are probably in the right kind of position.  Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton & Tottenham are all regular top half finishers and all but Everton are pretty minted.  Bearing that in mind the only team above Newcastle that maybe shouldn’t be is Southampton.

Obviously fans want their team to do better, but this season isn’t a disaster.  Look at Sunderland or my team, Middlesbrough.  Sunderland are nailed on to go down, again, and Middlesbrough are stranded as a mid-table Championship Club.  Things could be a lot worse.

I’m not having a go here.  Just trying to highlight that they haven’t really had a bad season.  Maybe an average one, but not a bad one.  Certainly nothing to warrant an open top bus protest which to be honest was a little embarrassing.

All football fans need to take a step back – the game has changed so much over the last few years.  All clubs aren’t lucky enough to have the money of Manchester City and Chelsea, not all clubs have players like Ronaldo and Messi, and certainly no one is entitled to win the league, win a trophy or qualify for the Champion’s League every season.  It’s about keeping it real, supporting your club and having a good laugh when you go to the games.  So come on, it’s not that bad is it… after all, you could be a Leeds United fan…

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