RANTS – EDL on Facebook, Martinez to Everton, Stoke & Yorkshire Boards

It’s been a while since I blogged – head has been in the shed for a few months – but I’m pleased to say it’s now firmly out of the shed and I can resume ranting about stuff on here!

Posts about EDL on Facebook

I’m getting sick of my Facebook timeline being full of people supporting what the EDL are saying regarding Muslim extremism and how shocking it is that Help For Heroes refused an EDL donation. I wish these people posting this utter rubbish would just take a step back and they might realise they are sounding like utter morons. It’s quite sad to see friends lose all intelligence by getting swept up in mass hysteria.

Martinez to Everton

Martinez has steered Wigan into the relegation zone for the past few seasons and somehow managed to escape, except for this season. Oh, they had an easy FA Cup run also and beat a Man City side that never showed up. Hardly the man to help Everton continue to overachieve again in the coming seasons. I see Everton doing one thing if they appoint him, and that’s sliding down the league becoming a bottom to mid-table side.


Their fans are a total bunch of buffoons wanting rid of Tony Pullis. The guy has kept them safe for the past however many seasons and they are bored. I can see them getting relegated now in the next few seasons as the new managers come in and mess up a successful system that they had in place. Oh well, they deserve it!

Darts – Yorkshire Board

I have been playing Summer League darts on a Yorkshire Board. I hate the Yorkshire board. It’s the only thing I hate from Yorkshire apart from Leeds United, and I think they should ban both of them.

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