Bored Of Listening About Chelsea And Arsenal

A little rant – no offence intended Chelsea or Arsenal fans!

I am so sick of listening to the trials and tribulations of Chelsea and Arsenal. Should Wenger get the sack. Will Rafa be gone by Christmas. Will Arsenal get in the top four. The questions debated on 5Live and TalkSport are endless.

What gets me is the fans of both clubs are moaning like hell but when you look at it they are a lucky bunch. Both teams are financially secure, both teams are secure in the Premier League, both teams play decent football and they are both in Europe. They want to try supporting Middlesbrough. We can barely afford our wage bill, struggle with getting fans through the gates and are stuck in The Championship.

I hear Chelsea fans ‘wanting their club back’ which I’m sure means they want to go back to when they were going bust and never winning anything – what a ridiculous statement to make. Arsenal fans are no better – they are stopping going to the games because they haven’t won anything for a while.

You don’t support a football team because they always win trophies or play in Europe every year. If that’s the only reason to support a club 95% of clubs wouldn’t have any fans.

It’s about time Chelsea and Arsenal fans quit moaning and just got on with supporting their club. No one really cares what’s going on so please stop moaning to the national radio media!

Rant over!


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