Darts – Week One – New Season & New League

Spread Eagle 7 – 2 Derwent Arms B

The Spread Eagle has entered the York Open Darts League since I stopped running the York Thursday Night League a few months ago. Unfortunately being the new boys we have been entered into League 6 which is a very short format (1 leg or 501 in singles and 1 leg of 701 in pairs). It hardly seems worth playing but darts is always a great night out with the Spread lads.

First up was the Derwent Arms B at home. A nice bunch of young lads and we got off to a flier. We ended up winning 7-2 and I won both singles and pairs.

Next week sees us at The Punch Bowl in our first away game of the season, and hopefully a good chance to get ourselves firmly at the top of the league.

The league table looks a bit wrong this week but maybe only one game was played???

Hopefully it will look a bit better next week!

My League Stats

Individuals P1 W1
Pairs P1 W1


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