There are some right tools on Facebook

This man is Craig MacLennan. He looks pretty normal but from his recent Facebook comments I’m sure he’s a long way from this.

He writes that he would like to torture Mark Bridger and display it on a live video feed because he has been CHARGED with the murder and abduction of April Jones.

In the United Kingdom being CHARGED with a crime is different to being CONVICTED. Being charged means the Police have enough evidence to believe you have committed a crime, to be convicted means that in the eyes of the court you committed the crime.

I would prefer for the legal system to bring this man to justice and to face the harshest of sentences available if Bridger is convicted, rather than make sick recommendations to the government.

I pointed the above out to Craig who then showed his true colours by posting the following:



He hardly comes across as an intellectual. This highlights yet again what’s wrong with modern Britain. And I hate to think how he is going to “loose me”.

Rant over. Goodnight Craig!




  1. A few of us took up your baton and tried to continue ti reason with him afterwards… But the page was deleted about midnight. Probably the best outcome.

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