What’s Wrong With The World #3 – Gambaccini vs Savile (Re Child Abuse)

Who is Paul Gambaccini? I remember when I was a kid he was on the TV but now he’s hardly on anything – except when something kicks off and he can get his name in he paper.

The first time I was witness to this was when he started mouthing off about Russell Brand following ‘Sachsgate’. What a bitter, resentful guy he sounded like. He revelled in Brand’s axing from the show, but was probably incensed that he went on to far bigger and better things, unlike Gambaccini.

Today in the news he is sticking the knife in to the deceased Sir Jimmy Savile, commenting about a new documentary – ‘Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’.

What disgusts me about Gambaccini’s comments are if he was aware of abuse he should have spoke out about it earlier, not in light of a TV documentary, because speaking out would be the right thing to do whilst Jimmy was alive. But instead, like a rat, he comes out with allegations now Jimmy has passed with no concern for his family, probably still grieving, and will no chance of Jimmy being able to defend himself.

If the allegations are true it is a despicable thing that occurred, but the documentary will only succeed in reducing charity money been given in Jimmy’s name. Hardly justice for the victims. Instead the programme gives the makers a name, some money and gives rats like Gambaccini a chance to get a few column inches that they wouldn’t usually of had.

What a pathetic carry on!

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