A busy but relaxing month off!

Last week I came back from 28 days holiday which saw me dog sitting, sunbathing and drinking!

First stop was a weeks dog sitting in Winsford, Cheshire, for my sister.

There are some lovely dog walks in the area that pass quite a few pubs and of course it is quite close to Knowsley Safari Park (see previous blog).

Next up a nice relaxing trip to Bridlington.

I thought that Alfie would be ok let off his lead at the beach but he buggered straight off and I spent the result of the morning chasing him around the beach!

Finally it was time to go to Lanzarote for two weeks.

Donning my new pink and black shorts I enjoyed sunning myself in 30 degrees heat for two weeks, along with losing a few days through hangovers!

Aside from a night out in Northallerton upon my return home that was it. The month passed really quickly – it just a shame now that I’ve no holiday left until January!

When we got back to the pub there was a nice invite to the Knavesmire Beer Festival, and it would be rude not to…


Unfortunately I found the nectar that was ‘Black Rat Perry’ and with an abv of 7.5% it was always going to end in tears and I woke with the mother of all hangovers the following day. Oh well, until the next time…


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