Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, seven times Tour De France winner, cancer survivor and campaigner.

I’m only a newcomer to the world of cycling having got hooked watching the 2012 Tour De France, but prior to this time I certainly knew who Lance Armstrong was. He was the man who won Le Tour despite having gone through treatment for testicular cancer – he was an inspiration.

If you or your family have been affected by cancer you will appreciate what sort of impact hope can have in a persons recovery, and Lance gave hope. He was a formidable athlete but overcame the odds beat the big C. We all need stories like that to give us hope, and he certainly gave all cancer patients one. He also has raised millions of dollars through his Livestrong foundation, and single handily made those plastic bracelets cool.

Now to my limited knowledge of cycling and doping I look at the allegations made against him in this way:

Lance Armstrong would have been tested through any professional race, more so in Le Tour, and more so later in his career. Why were they no positive tests?

Doping charges should be brought when actual samples or either blood or urine have failed tests, not due to testimony from former team mates etc.

Is it really in the interests of the sport to even bring these charges against Armstrong?

Despite what’s happened and been accused Lance Armstrong is an amazing athlete, survivor and cancer campaigner. This witch hunt only serves to damage cycling, which is surely not what the anti-doping authorities should be doing to a sport which is constantly being dragged down by doping offences.

Lance Armstrong cycled within the rules during his seven Tour De France wins and submitted numerous samples that were all clean. To me that says it all. How can you play a game within the rules then be subsequently disqualified? It’s a joke.



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