Sympathy For The Devil – Julian Assange

Julian Assange. How he gets sympathy from people is totally beyond me. The guy has a history of criminal behaviour since his youth and in adulthood could be accused of breaking many laws in releasing US diplomatic cables. The releasing of the US diplomatic cables could have put lives in danger as he tries to show the world the corruption of government with little care for anything else.

He seems to jaunt around the world living in places such as Egypt, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK and Spain, funding this through Wikileaks donations. He certainly has been living it up on other peoples money.

Whilst in Sweden it is alleged that Assange raped and sexually assaulted two women. he learned of these accusations and of the European Arrest Warrant that was issued for his extradition to Sweden to answer these charges. Since then Assange has been trying every legal way to avoid facing up to these charges, again probably using other peoples money to do so.

Come on Julian, man up and head out to Sweden to face your charges. If you didn’t do anything you have nothing to be afraid of.


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