Joff’s Eye On The Sporting World – #3 – Pompey, Pietersen, Golden Postboxes, George Michael, Trains – #JEOTSW

Portsmouth Football Club

The saga continues.  Now Balu Chainrai is withdrawing his bid to buy the club.  It is a terrible shame for the fans but really are they watching their once Premier League side slump to a 3-0 defeat against Plymouth with players who aren’t even signed and three subs?  Probably not.  Surely it is time to pull the plug on this terribly managed football club and let the fans set up something akin to Wimbledon?

Kevin Pietersen

It would only be England who would drop their best batsman before they play a crucial test against South Africa to retain their No 1 test side status.  Yet again in English sport politics overtakes the desire for success.  The whole debacle is playground stuff – text messages, parody twitter accounts etc…  The management team need to start managing and bang the whole team’s heads together.  It is right that there is no ‘I’ in TEAM but also there is no place for the stupidity of late that we have seen from some of the senior players.

Golden Postboxes

I have been looking for some time now to see what it the Royal Mail’s reasoning behind these golden postboxes but I am unable to find anything online.  I just don’t see the point.  All I can see is that the Royal Mail have given the idiots an excuse to vandalise postboxes around the country.  I’ve seen some golden ones written on, red ones painted gold, red ones wrapped in tin foil and even some athletes given two golden postboxes.  I think they should all be painted red again.  The country is going mad.

Other non sporting news

George Michael has given a foul-mouthed reaction to claims that he used the Olympic closing ceremony to promote his new single.  Come on George, it was obvious to everyone what you were doing, and it’s totally shameful!! 

Train prices are going up again.  In my 2.8 litre car there isn’t many journeys that it’s cheaper to go by train so lord knows how many more commuters will be forced from the train on to the already congested roads with the news of another price hike.  On some trains you can’t even get a seat yet they expect you to pay through the nose.  £40 York to Newcastle – if there is two passengers you may as well fill the car up and still have change.  Why oh why can’t our trains be like the ones in Europe.


  1. Oooo! Just woke a sleepy Mabes laughing out loud. I would love to meet the genius who tied foil around a postbox. Perhaps we should celebrate some z listers and their cosmetic surgery achievements by wrapping post boxes in cling film.

    Now to become opinionated! Pietersen acted like a total donkey and he has, of late, come across as a bit of a prima donna. I really like him as a cricketer and when he’s in form at the crease he’s a joy to watch. There are times though when he just doesn’t deliver even when he’s considered to be in good form. He was bloody stupid to dis his team. Apart from the fact that it’s an unwritten rule not to, it’s idiotic to do it via text to members I the SA side. It’s always going to get out.

    Agree totally about the trains. Bloody rip off. Some people have no other choice than to commute long distances to work. People who work in London but can’t afford to pay £200k for a box room won’t even be able to afford to travel there. I think we must have the highest prices and the worst service in Europe.

    PS – just trumped and Mabes jumped off my lap in shock 😉

    1. KP has always had an ego, it’s just strange that Flower and Strauss failed to manage this situation with a crucial game coming up. I think they have used this ‘text message’ excuse to blame KP for the whole saga. As if Broad had nothing to do with that parody twitter account… Pull the other one!! Lol

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