Film Review – Inception

I must admit the more I watch Christopher Nolan films the more I become in awe of them.  Inception was no different.  Yes you might have to concentrate whilst you watch it to pick up on what is actually going on but that is no bad thing.  I am sick of trashy films that turn your mind to mush and thankfully Inception is certainly not one of those!

Inception is based around dreams and being able to be in people’s dreams.  It is also about dreams within dreams.  Confusing?  Well it is but not so much that it spoils the film.  Once you get your head around what is going on with the dreams and the implications of going into dreams you are treated to an excellent story of love, heartbreak and emotion fused with fast paced action scenes and jaw dropping special effects.  It is a true modern-day classic.

5 out of 5


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