Joff’s Eye On The Sporting World – #2 – O’Hara, Adlington & BB(?) – #JEOTSW

Ok, two sporting stories today and one Big Brother story. Sorry about the BB one!

Jamie O’Hara

Does anyone give a flying fook that Leon Kinght (who’s he you ask) called Danielle Lloyd a ‘Ho’. Not me. But Jamie is taking legal action. Don’t these so called ‘celebs’ have anything better to do with their time?

Danielle makes money from taking her clothes off. Jamie makes money from pretending to be a footballer. Leon ain’t even got a club. Get real people. What terrible role models or examples for our young people you are!

Jamie you could have given that money to charity that you are using for your legal action.

Rebecca Adlington

It’s pretty shocking that Frankie Boyle tweeted that Becky Adlington resembles a dolphin, but at the same time I kinda found it funny, like funny if you see someone trip but they don’t hurt themselves. Funny in a guilty way.

Anyway, great work yesterday Becky!! A fabulous performance for bronze. Don’t let Frankie upset you!

Scott from Big Brother

Another celeb wannabe in the BB house threatening suicide. Who are these wastes of skin? Fame hungry nobodies. How pathetic, but with our celebrity focused world more and more of young people will end up like this.


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