Joff’s Eye On The Sporting World – #1 – Pompey, Idowu, Harrison, RvP & Modric – #JEOTSW

A few things were bugging me in the sporting world today so thought I would vent it here!

Portsmouth FC

Isn’t it about time this club was liquidated? For the last few years Pompey have been in financial meltdown and league freefall – if Pompey was a dog it would have been put down ages ago!

There should be a two strikes rule in football to prevent all this from happening. Two administrations and its game over. Expulsion from the Premier and Football Leagues in one swoop. If you can’t learn from your mistakes after the first administration its time to admit its not working full stop. Not only would this of stopped Pompey re-offending, it would have rid the leagues of suffering Leeds Utd for the past few seasons.

It’s also about time they made clubs pay 100 pence in the pound back before they are allowed to exit administration – just like Middlesbrough had to!

Phillips Idowu

Only in the UK could we be needing to see medical records so an athlete can prove his Olympic fitness only three days prior to the opening ceremony. What a total joke.

Audley Harrison

This joker of a boxer has landed himself yet another fight despite proving against David Haye that it was time to hang up his gloves last year. He even had the cheek to collect his purse despite landing no punches during the Haye bout. Get real Fraudley.

Robin van Persie and Luka Modric

This is one of the most boring stories in football after Rangers & Pompey. Come on Arsenal and Spurs – just sell them please.


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