Racist Rio?

In my last pub an Indian fella called Joe told me a story about how some Indians don’t like to racially integrate.

Joe has many friends, Indian, Pakistani, English, white & black but because Joe likes a drink and not many Indians go to the pub he was mixing with quite a few white people and these became his friends. Joe’s Indian friends didn’t approve of this and used to mock him by calling him “coconut”.

I asked Joe why this name and he told me it is a derogatory name for non whites mixing with whites – black on the outside, white on the inside. I thought this was shocking!!!

This takes me to Rio Ferdinand. An ambassador of anti-racism and self projected all round nice guy re-tweets and agrees with a twitter user calling Ashley Cole “choc ice”. The twitter user @CarltonEbanks seems to have taken quite a bit of flack over this but thinks its all ok because Ashley Cole left Arsenal for Chelsea so it’s fair game. (Pretty small minded if you ask me).


Rio then today tries to defend what he said, making out its how you describe someone who is being fake. From that do we take it he means a lier? Or not being true to his roots? I can’t really see how what Ashley Cole said in court could make him fake.


I hope that Manchester United and the FA take some sort of action over this. The best thing for football is that the Terry & Ferdinand be laid to rest rather than dragging it on. Rio, whatever his views on racism, should be more responsible with what he tweets rather than tweeting anything and digging his way out if trouble later.

Anyway, Joe would think what Rio said was racist. I think it was racist. What do you think?


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