The John Terry Racism Trial Saga


What we know about the John Terry racism saga is:

Anton Ferdinand didn’t hear any racist remarks from John Terry

A member of the public having watched a video of the incident made a complaint to the police

John Terry claims he did not racially abuse Anton Ferdinand

Lip reading is ‘interpretation’ not an exact science

How anyone could have thought that from the above it would be proved beyond all reasonable doubt that John Terry racially abused Anton Ferdinand is beyond me! Any attempt of trying to prove this in court would be flawed and would just simply make a mockery of the Premier League, the CPS, the Kick It Out campaigne and the Football Association.

Common sense should have prevailed but it looks like the CPS had to take this to trial otherwise they would have looked like they don’t take high profile racist allegations seriously. If this had been any other footballer other than John terry (or Luis Suarez probably) it would have been dropped for reasons mentioned above. I imagine the public would have been disgusted if the CPS did not pursue the case just simply because the public despise John Terry and had already decided he was guilty based on the video – so they had no choice.

It is a poor state of affairs that public opinion can force things like this into court at the tax payers expense. It is even more concerning that the public can decide he is guilty before a trial and then disregard the courts opinion when its one they don’t like.

One thing that the trial has shown is that players like John Terry and Anton Ferdinand spend all game every game abusing each other about their personal lives, appearance etc. In that respect they are both guilty. There wouldn’t be these issues in football if the players could grow up and behave but when they continue to get paid daft amounts of money and are allowed to do what they want this will never happen.


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