Film Review – Sunshine

Sunshine aired on Channel 4 a few days ago and seeing the familiar name of Danny Boyle recorded it and had a watch. I love Sci-Fi and anything to do with space so I was pretty excited about the prospect of this film!


The plot is set 50 years from now, our Sun is dying and the Earth is cooling. A plan is hatched to send a massive nuclear bomb to the Sun to effectively reignite it, thus warming the Earth back up. On the two year journey towards the Sun the crew of the Icarus II (the ship dispatched to the Sun) discover that the ship of their predecessors Icarus was not in fact destroyed 7 years earlier as thought prompting their mission, but is still omitting its distress beacon. Do they continue towards the Sun knowing their are Earth’s last chance of survival or do the detour towards Icarus to help their fellow astronauts?

The film takes you on a journey from Mercury to the Sun and slowly you meet the characters but never really learn much about them, so you don’t really mind what happens to them as the film progresses. There is an undercurrent of region which could be described as ‘sun extremism’ but overall the film is enjoyable. The 107 minutes don’t drag, but the film leaves you thinking ‘I told you so’ (you will know what I mean after watching). The ending is a little bit predictable in my opinion but doesn’t detract from a fairly enjoyable film.

3 out of 5


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