Fearne Cotton – Bully Card?

Fearne Cotton has yesterday branded the critics of her Jubilee presenting as ‘bullies’.


This annoys me somewhat. I’ve seen some of Fearne’s presenting and to be honest it’s pretty poor. Nowadays for some reason organisations like the BBC push ‘presenters’ like Fearne into mainstream programmes just because they appear ‘cool’, not because they actually excel at their job. Fearne wasn’t a radio DJ either, but it seems she got that job because she was ‘cool’.

I quite like Fearne from what I see of her on shows like Celebrity Juice – she seems nice and can have a laugh but I have gone off her a bit due to her recent comments and this unfortunately in her eyes makes me a bully.

It’s a bad job when giving an honest critique of someone’s work means your a bully because the person being critiqued doesn’t like the negativity. Hey but don’t worry Fearne, it wasn’t just you that day, the whole of the BBC’s coverage was shocking!!

Article taken from The Daily Star


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