My Wrist Hell

The title is well over the top I know!! It hasn’t been that bad! Anyway as you may or may not be aware I have broken my wrist, or to be precise the Trapezoid bone. Here are a few pics of wrist related stuff that I’ve taken over the past few weeks:

I first had some X-rays done that didn’t show up much apart from a slight abnormality with the length of my arm bone on the right (excuse the medical terminology). It should extend to he line on the X-ray and this is the likely cause for my break. The Nurse said my muscles produce too much power for my arm to handle! I can’t argue with her on that one!


Next up was an MRI scan to investigate further as it was still hurting. That was an experience. I felt like a fraud as usually people are in there for head scans and I had a dodgy wrist that was self inflicted. Into the clunking machine I went and 20 minutes later this was produced:


The really dark grey bone that is smaller than a one penny piece is the one that’s broke. You can make out a line along the bone which is the actual fracture.

As soon as the doctor saw the results it was straight back to the hospital for a temporary cast until my appointment the following day:


The next day I was back at the hospital and had this lovely cast put on:


So this stays on for two weeks and then back for a splint, probably for another two weeks after that. Wicked… Not. Hopefully I heal a bit quicker and I can get back to playing darts!


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