One Year Anniversary At Pub! But Not A Great Day…

Its a year to the day that we took the Brown Cow over in York and should have been a day of celebration but instead it was a day of stuff doing my head in!

First up was the beer delivery. They are instructed to come after lunch but today got me out of bed at 7:50am. Mint. Second was the cleaning delivery, again instructed to call after lunch but turned up as I was getting in the shower at 10:30am. Then the window cleaner turned up early… Bloody hell. I was pissed off before I had served a customer.

Then to top it all off a phone call from the hospital tells me I have broken my Trapezoid bone in my wrist and I had to go down there asap for a plaster cast. Charming. Off I went and I now have a temporary cast that I can’t do anything in. What a day.

Roll on tomorrow… (and another trip to the hospital).

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