Darts Finals Night

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to write this for details that I will reveal later but here is what happened on finals night.

I had a semi final to play before I even thought about the final, never mind the trophy and was matched up against a lad from Severus Club. The game started brightly and I won in 18 darts checking out tops. In the second leg I started poorly and my opponent beat me to the double and checked out first time. I dug deep in the third leg, hit a 140 to get on to a finish to and checked out in 25 darts. A bit of a scare but I was through to the final.

I played Gaz from the Holgate Club in the final. I won the throw and elected to throw first. I hit 180, 140, 41, 100 leaving myself tops. Gaz was back on 300 odd. Somehow I lost the leg. Next leg I started off well again managing to get to a double when Gaz was still on 150+ but again somehow I lost the leg. That was it. Runner up. Shit.

Doubles, doubles, doubles! I certainly know what I need to practice on for the coming season. Not all was lost on the night though – I received £20 prize money and a 180 badge for hitting 3 this season.

Afterwards I went down town for a drink… and this is why it’s taken me two weeks to write. After the pub I went to a takeaway for a pizza, the shop unfortunately had a punchbag machine… Me and my mate took turns to beat the high score and on my last effort I knacked my wrist. A&E followed the next morning and I’ve had a splint on my wrist ever since. Charming.

Hopefully I’ll be fit to play in the first game of the new season that kicks off on 12th April 2012. If you want to keep up to date with how the league is progressing check out my darts website.

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