Darts Week 9

So the final league game of the winter season arrived and we needed a big win to finish second in the league against tonight’s opponents, the Shepherd’s Club.

My playing night started with a pairs game where for the second game in a row I hit a 180. That game was won easily 2-0 and I went into singles with increased confidence.

I went 1-0 in singles with an 18 darter and then cruised to a 2-0 victory without any real pressure.

At the end of the night we won 11-4 but we missed out on 2nd place by 1 point.

In two weeks time it is the finals night which sees me compete for the division 2 individuals crown. Gotta practice hard over the next two weeks and make sure that the title comes home with me!

Wish me luck!

Legs Played 17 Won 14 (82%)
Legs Played 18 Won 10 (56%)
Legs Played 5 Won 4 (80%)

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