Darts Week 8

The penultimate league game of the season saw the Crescent Club come to our spot in a rearranged game from over a month ago.

In the triples we played well and won pretty easily. On an individual level my darts were straight and I scored steadily.

In pairs I started off our first leg with a 180. We easily took that leg but struggled with scoring and ended up losing 2-1.

In singles I was paired against their strongest player and he started very well getting to a double while I was still on 150. Unfortunately for him he left himself double 5 and for the life of him couldn’t hit it and I checked out easily. In the second leg I scored well and it seemed he couldn’t keep up and I got to a double a good hundred points before him. I wired a few darts on double 16 and he got down to a double but he was beat mentally already and threw no where near it. I checked out next visit for a pretty tame 2-0 win meaning the team won 9-8.

Next week is the last league game and sees us at home yet again. It also will see me as the secretary of the league for the coming new season so no doubt next season will be a busy one.

Legs Played 15 Won 12 (80%)
Legs Played 16 Won 8 (50%)
Legs Played 5 Won 4 (80%)


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