Darts Week 7

This week The Ainsty were our guests at the Spread Eagle which would see me possibly facing the lad who I beat to get to the individual finals.

This week I was reinstated back to the singles and played in all the games. We needed to get a good result as we have dropped down the league.

On the whole I threw pretty poor all night but managed to hit my doubles when it counted. In triples I hit the finish first dart (3, D8) which resulted in the first points on the board. Doubles is a bit of a blur but we scored average went 1-0 after the first leg. My partner hit a 140 in each of the next two legs, which we took with some decent finishing and ended up taking the game 2-1.

The lad who I was drawn to play singles bottled it and tried to swap himself with their best player. I thought this was pretty low as they were winning when he tried to cheat and swap the order around. I wasn’t bothered who I played as ‘their best player’ was the lad I dispatched in the individuals who like myself had been very average all night.

As the game turned out I won 2-0 finishing very badly and scoring poorly (D4, D1). The lad had doubles to win in both legs but his head was gone from the start following on from the changing players incident. He should of just accepted who he was playing and focused, rather than getting himself all worked up. After the game he was throwing his darts down and mumbling away. A very sore loser. You would think he was playing in the Premier League!

My win took the score to 8-6 to us but we lost the final game 2-0 which made the night finish as a draw unfortunately. We have a free week next week so it maybe practice with the team or just a night in, we’ll see.

Legs Played 13 Won 10 (77%)
Legs Played 13 Won 7 (54%)
Legs Played 4 Won 3 (75%)

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