Stopping Smoking – Day 16

Well after my last post I didn’t get an appointment but the smoking nurse phoned me, arranged another prescription and gave me an appointment for when we get back off holiday.

My quit day was Saturday 4th February, the day we went away on holiday. I had my concerns as I was still smoking and still enjoying it so I wondered if Saturday would come to early. Anyway I stopped and the travelling and new environment helped take my mind of it all.

The first test of my non smoking came on the Saturday afternoon when upon arriving at the chalet we decided to go for a few beers and watch the rugby. Four Guinness later and I was feeling tipsy but not wanting cigarettes which was a good thing!! I had some wine later on and still didn’t feel the urge to smoke so all in all the tablets seem to be doing the trick!!

Throughout the week the urge hasn’t really bothered me. Last night we went out to watch Boro v Sunderland and I had about eight pints and again I didn’t really want to smoke. Hopefully these two nights out will help me when I get back to the pub.

I’ve started my second batch of tablets now and have not had any ill effects other than the times when my dosage was increased. Hopefully it will continue in that light!!

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