Stopping Smoking – Day 8

Today I started taking my double dose of tablets and to be honest felt smacked off my tits for a couple of hours this afternoon. It wasn’t horrible though, and no sickness feelings, just a bit jittery!!! Anyway, had second on tonight and no I’ll effects up to now!!

Cocked up a bit this week as I forgot my clinic appointment so I need to call up at 8:30am to check for cancellations and get myself there tomorrow. They need to see you every two weeks as Champix are very strong and can send you into suicidal depression amongst other things. Hopefully I’ll get in tomorrow and sort my prescription out for whilst I’m away.

My smoking has noticeable reduced after 8 days on the tablets. Yesterday I only had 3 and today not much more. This is a pretty good drop when I was smoking 15-20 a day before the tablets and I’m not really trying to cut down. I have also noticed I’m not enjoying them as much as I did before.

My quit date is between day 8 and 12 so I’m going to go for Saturday when we go on holiday. Hopefully the change of routine will help and I won’t be associating work with smoking etc.

Fingers crossed for an appointment tomorrow!!

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