Darts Week 6

Tough game against Severus Club at home tonight.

Played triples, did nothing flash really, only two decent scores but one was 115 with bull as last dart to set up a 40 finish. We ended up winning that game.

In pairs we lost the first leg but then won the second comfortably with me scoring well and finishing on 38 with my first dart. Deciding leg we had 8 darts at double 16 (5 for me) and missed. They checked out double 10 to take the victory.

Didn’t get a game in singles this week. Unfortunately at the end of the night we slumped to a 12-5 defeat, our second defeat of the season…

Was an interesting night all in all. Two of the lads in the semi-finals played tonight. One looked ok, the other poor. Whoever I get it will be a tough game but I know who I would prefer!!

On holidays next week so no darts for me, but might make an appearance in the York Open on Saturday if it doesn’t snow (don’t ask lol)

Until next time…

Legs Played 11 Won 8 (73%)
Legs Played 10 Won 5 (50%)
Legs Played 3 Won 2 (67%)

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