Carole Malone Hungry For Gary Speed Gossip

Just heard Carole Malone on the This Morning paper review say that the press should have gone into more depth regarding the Gary Speed death / inquiry for the good of his sons needing to know the truth and to quash a few rumours on twitter. She also sounded genuinely disappointed that she hadn’t found out the full facts regarding his death like some sort of gossip merchant and branded it pointless.


I’m a twitterholic but I wasn’t overwhelmed with Gary Speed rumours, and the ones I came across I ignored, as it is a private matter for the family of Gary Speed. There was no need to have any more in depth reporting. This was one story where the press did a pretty good job of drawing the line and in fact was thanked by the family due to this.

This is obviously not good enough for ex News of the World journalist Carole Malone. Maybe it was a good job that the paper was shut down. Thankfully Holly Willoughby pointed put that she was sure in the Speed household the close family knew what the argument prior to his death was about but this wasn’t enough for Carol.

What a truly disgusting woman. How do these morons get on television especially when they have a history of preaching BNP like propaganda in her columns!!

It’s about time ITV stopped using this abhorrent woman on their programmes.

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