Darts – League 2 Individuals

Last night was the League 2 Individuals which saw me travel to The Ainsty to compete against 13 other players for a place on the stage on finals night in March.

I was fortunate enough to get a bye into the second round and faced one of the better players from round one. We both took a few darts to get going but the scoring was close and he beat me to the double and checked out on double 15. The second leg was a different story with me scoring some good scores including 140 and checking out on 92 in two darts to level the game 1-1. He won the toss and threw first in the third leg. We both scored averagely and he had a shot at 69 to win the match. For some reason he went 19 then bull, missing the bull and hitting 5, leaving himself on no possible out. I had randomly ended up on double 9, hitting it with my third dart to win.

So that’s me on the big stage at finals night which will be an experience!! If last night showed anything is that I need more practice, especially power scoring.

Until next time…

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