What’s Wrong With The BDO?

What should be the highlight of the British Darts Organisation’s year has in 2012 turned into a farce highlighting that despite a new board of directors the BDO are still the laughing stock of the modern game.

Before I expand upon this, it has to be said that the BDO play a crucial part with the amateur game, organising competitions, superleague and county games. Without the work they had initially carried out there would be no world championships and darts would not be as popular as it is today. It is a breeding ground for young talent and has a loyal band of fans who are never happier than being at The Lakeside cheering on their heros.

What seems to have happened this week though is another thing. The BDO seems to have turned against some of their own players and sold out it’s television coverage so that the majority of the viewing public had even less darts on their TV!

The BBC do a terrible job of covering the darts but this past week they have taken it to a new low. If four or five different camera shots per dart or the ‘nostril cam’ didn’t make you feel sick, again we had to suffer with ‘darts experts’ Tony Green, David Croft and Vassos Alexander who literally add nothing to the coverage. The only thing it has going for it is Colin Murray who interacts well with Bobby George. In years gone by John Part would step in and commentate and provide a players insight but this has now ended and we are left with the mediocre dross of the standard BBC sports commentators.

Now anyone without the costly ESPN subscription would of found live darts from Fimley Green a hard thing to come by this week but there was a plethora of repeat programmes on offer from the BBC. It seems that nowadays this is all the BBC is good for. But beyond the repeat shows there was a more disturbing undertone to the tournament which came out for all to see when Anastasia Dobromyslova beat the BDO ‘Golden Girl’ Trina Gulliver. Wayne Baker, an independent journalist, slated Anastasia in his write up of their match which the BDO published on their website. This article still remains despite the darting community stating their objections to the BDO. Even more embarrassing for them is Anastasia then went on to win the Ladies World Championship, but after her treatment is considering moving on from the BDO.

It was rumoured that Ted Hankey was on the verge of joining the PDC prior to the BDO worlds and he confirmed this after losing his his semi final match controversially by seeming to blame the venue’s air conditioning being turned on purposely during his match. Reading in between the lines in seems that Ted thinks his game was sabotaged. Currently their are rumours that other BDO players will be entering the PDC Q-School in order to win tour cards thus causing yet more embarrassment to the BDO who are seemingly loosing their top players on an annual basis.

One thing is for sure, Martin Adams, who sits on the BDO’s new Board of Directors, won’t de defecting to the PDC. Adams has turned down invitations in the past and by now holding the aforementioned role is sure to stay. Tony O’Shea, who plays later on today in the final, is rumoured to be considering entering Q-School, but nothing has being said publicly by O’Shea. If O’Shea went on to win the tournament and then defected it would be yet more egg on the ace of Adams and the BDO.

I think the BDO can only survive if it adjusts its stance regarding the PDC. The BDO should realise that their best work is for the amateur side of the game and focus on this. If they were to allow the PDC buy out that was suggested last year it could give them credibility and the BDO could then use the extra money in the grass roots of the sport. I’m sure that the BDO events could remain and would still be as popular as ever, but they need to make themselves more professional. Such a buy out could unite both BDO and PDC fans and help draw a line under the whole darts split.


  1. Excellent piece of work. Whole heartedly agree.

    Just one thing to note; The PDC have now re-issued Tour Card Invitations to the Lakeside Semi-Finalists and the BDO have issued a statement that they will release any player, without penalty, from their playing contract should they wish to leave the BDO.

    Ted (Hankey) will gain an automatic 2 year Tour Card and Steve West has already entered Q-School. It will be interesting to see how many other ‘names’ from the BDO do likewise.

    Andy Firth (Professional Darts Referee)

    Follow me on Twitter @bdopdcmc

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