Is Diane Abbott A Racist?


So this is the tweet that Diane Abbott, Labour MP, to be accused of being a racist:

“I understand the cultural point you are making. But you are playing into a “divide and rule” agenda,” “White people love playing “divide & rule” We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism.”

And now she has backtracked, stating “Tweet taken out of context. Refers to nature of 19th century European colonialism. Bit much to get into 140 characters.”

Now to me it’s all fine and well backtracking, but shouldn’t an allegedly intelligent woman with her years of dealing with the media know not to be stating such things when all you have is 140 characters to explain your point. She should be aware that her tweets could be taken out of context.

Anyway, all is not lost for Diane, she has the backing of George Galloway, friend of the late Saddam Hussein. I bet she’s over the moon with that.

So anyway? Racist or not? Regardless I think she should be apologising, not backtracking. Maybe even resigning.



  1. I’m an unemployed white man and have no power to divide and rule over anyone, yet Ms. Abbott, being an MP, has a degree of power over me. If her decisions are influenced by the fact that she believes she is powerless, yet millions of white people have absolute power over black people ….then she’s not an appropriate person to have the job of an MP.

    Maybe she should even be prosecuted for incitement.

  2. Fat racist cunt with shit for brains. If her constituency wasn’t 97% black there is no way on earth such an ignorant, semi-literate halfwit would ever be elected to office.

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