Darts Week 2


Played at home tonight and started off in the pairs. We won this 2-0 and I came very close to hitting a 180. Knocked in a few tons and checked out in both games. I thought my good form was going to continue into the singles…

I was up third and in my first leg started 81, 60, 100 then we had a break for 5 mins while the chalkers sorted out the scores. Concentration lapsed after this and and in my next few visits the darts were slipping into the 5s. I lost the first leg, but towards the end I started finding the treble again so was confident going into the second leg and I thought I should get a win 2-1. I started off strong but the fella I was playing hit a 140. I thought I was still with him though as I was finding the treble with nearly every visit so was surprised that I found myself 100 points down. Unlike the first game my opponent only needed 2 darts to finish and checked out. Gutted!!

Anyway, it’s a lesson learned and there is always next week. I was please I was beaten by a guy who had a decent leg of darts rather than me playing bad. Roll on next Thursday!!

Oh, one final thing, the chilli we had for supper was amazing!! Cheers Linford!!

Legs Played 4 Won 2 (50%)
Legs Played 2 Won 2 (100%)


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