The Darts Comeback!

Last night was my first competitive darts match for about 3 years. Needless to say I was bricking it!!

For the past few week I have been practicing like mad trying to get back to my best form, and finally over the last few weeks I have been pushing a steady average for me and finishing well. The most significant improvement has been my treble 20 success. I’m regularly hitting 180’s and if I’m not getting a treble in 6 darts there is something wrong.

Anyway, I needed to take this form into my game and this is when you know if it has been worth it. I was playing in front of 4 lads who I have never met (who are my new team mates), on a board I haven’t played and for the first time in ages. Everything was stacked against me.

The format of the night is one triples game (801 best of 1 leg), two pairs games (501 best of 3 legs) and four singles (501 best of 3 legs). I was put in the first singles. This format favours me, especially if you lose the first leg you still have a chance.

My opponent had the throw in the first leg and started off with 100 which was worrying but after a few visits I had hit a couple of trebles he started to misfire and we both ended up on doubles after about 17-18 darts. He missed a couple of darts and I checked out 40. In the second leg I started strongly, after a few visits had hit a 140 and was 150 odd in front. I ended up checking out 53 in two darts and the other lad didn’t have a shot at double. 2-0 thank you very much!

The team won 10-8 and that should put us near the top of the league. I can’t wait until next week!!

(Oh, I’m playing for the Spread Eagle – our lot in the Cow don’t like playing darts!)

Played 2 Won 2 (100%)


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