The Sun & An SAS Hero…

Is it me, or have The Sun today slumped to new lows buy accusing a dead SAS hero of being a pedophile?


Now I have NO SYMPATHY for anyone who has indecent images of children on their computer, or any abuser of children – I need to make that clear. If John McAleese did have indecent images of a child on his computer we will never know, but at the time when the police interviewed him they did not charge him, and let him leave the country. Fair enough he did not return to answer bail, but he is now dead, and obviously we will now never know what went on.

What I have a problem with though is The Sun publishing these allegations in the week of his funeral. I can’t imagine how his family must be feeling having his name in the paper when they will be burying their father, brother, cousin etc. Was it in the public interest to publish this now, rather than wait until after the funeral, rather than rub his families nose in it? I don’t know.

It obviously shows that even an SAS hero’s family don’t deserve to grieve in the eyes of The Sun.



  1. Well said !! John was a great friend of mine and a true family man. He would never have done what he has been accused of. This was a diversion ,or more to say decrediting of Mac as the government were afraid that he may have left some info behind that could be damaging !! Mac was involved in many things in his career and we wouldnt want that talked about now would we 😉 I was with Mac in 2009 in Hereford and he was great with my kids. Leave the dead alone and leave our national heroes alone…. RIP Buddy

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