Problem With English International Sport – The English Press

Here we go again. The England Rugby World Cup team are over in New Zealand trying their hardest to win the tournament and all the press want to do is hold them accountable for relaxing. The lads had a few beers, they are rugby players – that’s how they relax.

This happens every time one of our national teams goes to a World Cup or other major sporting event. The press dig around, hound the players and publish articles in ways as to provoke the public. How about this for a change… SUPPORT THE ENGLISH TEAMS INSTEAD OF SLATING THEM IN PUBLIC ON A DAILY BASIS!!!

Supporting the teams means publishing articles in a complimentary way as not to disrupt the camp in New Zealand. The press slagging the players off is less than ideal preparation going into the next game. England players go for a beer just isn’t news, so why make it so. If they haven’t behaved well and get knocked out then attack the team, just don’t do it after one game, which they won.

We must have the most stupid press in the world. If they didn’t learn from attacking the England football team and sabotaging England’s football World Cup bid I don’t know what will stop them. They seem hell bent on losing this World Cup before the second game has gone underway.

Tabloids, hand your heads in shame.

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