11th September 2001 – Let us never forget


I was working at Hambleton District Council when I heard the shocking news for the first time. It was unbelievable, a plane had struck the World Trade Center. Suddenly no one felt safe. Where would these attacks stop? We put a radio on in the office, and as soon as we could we went home to watch our televisions and see the terrible events of the day unfolding.

We all know what unfolded that day, towers collapsing, people jumping, more planes crashing, but the most unbelievable thing was the loss of innocent life. The terrorists weren’t bothered if they killed Americans, British, Muslims or Jews, it was indiscriminate. Everyone was a target.

Now ten years on I sit on my bed, browsing pictures from that fateful day and it still doesn’t seem real. Watching the documentaries on TV still makes my stomach turn and I was thousands of miles away. On this day we need not only to remember the people that lost their lives, but also the people who survived and those who have been effected by the attacks all over the world. By never forgetting we hope to prevent such an atrocity happening again.


11th September 2001 – Let us never forget.


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