How to stop the London riots


The government seem to be struggling to prevent these riots. The Home Secretary this morning kept banging on about the 180 year history of the policing model we operate in this country, and how deploying the army doesn’t fit in this ‘community’ based model.

Well what a load of rubbish.

The problem of policing these riots partly stems from the tuition fee riots earlier this year. The police were criticised for being to heavy handed so now they are backing off. They can’t do right for doing wrong. You riot, you get taken down… End of.

I’m sick of hearing journalists on the news this morning questioning the police, when they should be supporting them.

Anyway, how to stop the riots:

1. Curfew

Tonight from 9pm anyone on the streets will be arrested

2. Army

The police don’t have enough numbers to arrest everyone so get the Army involved.

3. Presence

The Police and Army must be seen to be patrolling the deprived areas where the trouble kicks off.

4. Deterrent

Water cannons and baton rounds need to be utilised as a threat in case of trouble.

Any hey presto, no more riots. I should be in government me (Well I have more of an idea than the Home Secretary)

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