Facebook re riots…

A few of the Facebook posts from friends about the riots which are all too true…

“The rioters blame no jobs or opportunit​ies for their idiotic and criminal behaviour.​.. They should come and live in the north east.. Who will be the hardest hit by Tory cut backs and have the highest inequaliti​es in the UK, yet don’t go around destroying​ their towns and cities and try hard to make an honest living for themselves​ and their families.”

“Anyone think that the met should put a couple of buses and planes on for the police in Glasgow and Belfast? They’d have this shit sorted before Emmerdale starts.”

“How about we use the following to take back control our streets- curfew, water cannon, attack dogs, police horses, tazers, more water cannon and if necessary rubber bullets. Give our Police emergency powers to protect us and them at the minute it is like catching water in a net. Finally just a thoguht when they get to court how about locking the little ******* up. Treat them as terrorists​ any other country would not stand for this or allow our Police Officers to come under such attacks.”

“Is actually completely​ shocked. Unbelievab​ly sad reflection​ on this country and the society that we live in. Just have to hope that no (more) innocent people get physically​ hurt in this.”

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