Had a great day today having a look around Scarborough – we visited the amusements, pound shops, The Harbour Bar, the seafood counters and the town centre.

One thing that strikes me about Scarborough is the amount of chavs that visit though, wandering around in tracksuits with their orange girlfriends, pushing prams when they don’t look old enough to look after themselves, never mind a baby, and they are always smoking.

Anyway, I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to get back for the dog, although we did stop at Bempton to look at puffins but it was too windy and smelled of bird poo.

Here is me at Scarborough by the way:

Lunch in Bridlington tomorrow, that will be nice, then I’ll be off to Northallerton to catch up with a few old mates. Looking forward to it.



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