The Trip – Coogan and Brydon

Well I won’t get those 30 mins of my life back…  What an absolute load of tosh.  Two boring men sat doing poor impressions in a restaurant.  The trailer looks rubbish so I don’t know why I even watched.

The strange this is I just found this comment from The Herold, written by Damien Love – “This is The Trip (BBC Two, Monday, 10pm), and it is one of the greatest things on television this year – in years, come to that – although not everyone will agree” – well Damien, having watched it I can’t see how anyone could agree with you!

Anyway, its nice to see that my licence fee is going towards making this dross, lining Coogan’s and Brydon’s pockets while the rest of the country suffers at the hands of the government cuts.  Bollocks.  The bottom line is Alan Partridge and Bryn from Gavin and Stacey were interesting characters, but sadly Coogan and Brydon in real life are not.

Won’t be watching that again.

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