Drunk Baboons!!!

You gotta love Baboons!

Saw an article on the Telegraph website today about drunk baboons.  If this wasn’t funny enough this passage made me laugh out load…

“Last week, a 12 year old boy was left traumatised after confronting a troop who had broken into his family home.

Hearing noises from the kitchen, he went to investigate and found the beasts ransacking cupboards. When the child fled upstairs to find his babysitter, three males gave chase and surrounded him as he made a tearful phone call to his mother, while the animals pelted him with fruit.”

‘Pelted him with fruit’ – ha ha!!  I can just imagine Karl Pilkington reading this out on the Ricky Gervais podcasts, and the little animation to go with it… that is something I would like to see!!

Anyway, whatever they have done – you gotta love monkeys!


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