Gormangate (Originally posted 27/2/2010)

(Taken from my old Blogger blog)

I thought this was a good opportunity to start my blog again, after using this one for football I’ll now use it for me (if you know what I mean). I’m sure no one will read it but at least it will be here for the casual passing reader, or even myself, in a few months/years so I can remember why I called @DaveGorman a cock.

I had been drinking with friends all afternoon and playing darts – the reason for my earlier interactions with Dave. I had jokingly invited him out with us, to test his new darts skills out, having professed to @MaceTheAce to be a darts fan. Now was he ever going to accept? No. Would I have been bothered? No. If he had said yes would I have met him? No. Anyway, I can only imagine that I was stood there outside a pub, on twitter, smoking a cigarette, thinking ‘does he read every tweet?’, and there it was, the idea that would test this. ‘@DaveGorman You are a cock’. So it was sent, and we would see if he did.

The interesting this to come from all this mind, is it wasn’t a reply from Dave that I got. To be honest I expected Dave just to ignore me, as I wouldn’t respond to a randomer tweeting me abuse, even though he does have form on this, but it was the reaction from one of his followers that amazed me. This chap (I presume chap, and also that he’s an adult) masquerades as God on twitter and goes by the name of @The_Father and when I woke up the following morning I had the following 7 @ mentions:

@Joffey I expect an apology to @DaveGorman by 11am otherwise I’m likely to get Wrathful, I have given up smiting for lent, not forever.

@Joffey why is @davegorman ignorant? Is it cos he didn’t play arrows with you? Why would he want to, especially if he had a train to get….

@Joffey would you’ve liked it if he planned to meet you, and then called if off because I tweeted “hey @davegorman coming to biblestudies?”

@Joffey no, you would have been upset. Like all those people in London who would have sat in a theatre in London waiting for @davegorman..

@Joffey whilst you and @dave gorman played darts. You are very selfish, I ought to manifest myself in front of you and make your eyes shiny.

@Joffey just like I did with Moses. So…. I sit and await your apology to @davegorman….. I’m waiting… Still waiting….

@Joffey it’s 11am..…… ! Well? @davegorman and I are waiting………! *arms crossed, almighty looking*

What a loser… This is why I no longer follow the likes of Dave, due to the idiot followers they attract. Why a grown man to think it’s funny to pretend he’s God on twitter is beyond me. He must either be a) unemployed b) unemployable c) 12 years old d) an imbecile – I opt for b) & d) but that’s just my opinion. He has an IT consultant in heaven called Rod Hull also… I can imagine how they laughed in the pub thinking that one up – or not – but it’s probably the same chap.

The annoying thing for me is that I insulted Dave, and I’m almost certain that he’s got a thick enough skin to realise that to him I’m a nobody, so he wouldn’t take it to heart, but then you get @The_Father, the acting Cyber Police who thing that I’ve done the cyber equivalent of beating him up, so takes it upon himself to not only badger me, but my also followers. He also made up that I had locked my profile and tweeted this to Dave.

@davegorman You’ll be pleased to know that @Joffey has locked his account.no one has to see his offensive tweets Twitter harmony is restored

So is he any better than me? No. Worse? Yes – I didn’t go after Dave’s followers.

So as you can imagine I no longer following @DaveGorman. I’m sure this doesn’t either please or upset him, as I am a nobody to him. Am I missing much? Na, cos Dave never really posted much of interest, mainly where his gigs were – more minor celeb self promotion on Twitter. Did I get a thrilling insight into the life of a minor celeb? No. I only followed as I have enjoyed his previous projects – Are You Dave Gorman?, Googlewhack Adventure & America Unchained, but I can still enjoy these without following on twitter.

To sum up – Dave, I shouldn’t have called you a cock, I’m not a Neanderthal that just goes around insulting people, but I did – I’m sure you are over it, and I’ll stand by what I said. I won’t back down due to juvenile tweeters like @The_Father who beg you to follow them because at the end of the day I couldn’t care less what you think of me, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. There are too many ‘Celeb Wannabees’ on twitter, who really care about what people like Dave really think – my message to them is get a life – I’m sure celebs like Dave appreciate you following them but really don’t care that much what you have to say, otherwise they would be hitting the follow button themselves.

Until the next time…
Joffey x

PS – I’m still waiting for your wrath @The_Father … shall I expect a bolt of lightning any time soon?

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